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Hello and welcome to my website. You will find scans or photos of autographs I have received from various sports, tv, radio, movie and other types of performers, as well as, fire/police/EMS/military and other patches I have received over the years. The autographs were obtained either in person or through the mail and the patches either from trading, gifts or purchases. I have been collecting autographs & patches since I was a kid and have just recently started scanning my collections to show my fellow collectors. I hope you enjoy looking at my collections and if you would like an address to one of the stars I have received a reply from feel free to  email me at the address below and I will get it to you.

Recent additions:
July 19: Added 5 photos from Adam West, & 2 photos from Anna Belknap to the Tv & Movie page, also added photos from Bick Dinsmore /Eugene & Nikolai Volkoff to teh pro wrestling page.
July 17: Added autographs from Randy Mantooth(x4) to the TV & Music Page, Bradley Cooper(x2) to the TV & Movie Page, Heather Langenkamp(x2) to the TV and Movie page, "Cowboy"Bob Orton(x2) "Nightmare"Danny Davis(x2), Demolition Smash, Krusher Kruschev and the Repo-Man to the Pro Wrestling Page
June 24: Added photo from Mandy Patinkin to the TV & Movie page and card from former Oakland A's outfielder Dave Henderson tot he Pro Athletes page
June 8: Added another success from "Cake Boss" Buddy Valastro
June 2: Added 3 photos from "Dirty" Dutch Mantell to the Pro Wrestling page
May 17: Added photos from "Cake Boss" Buddy Valastro and Godfather/Las Vegas star James Caan

May 17: Added 2 photos from Jenna Elfman.
May 11: Added autographed photos from former USWA announcer Dave Brown and OVW Diva's Hannah and Holly Blossom, also updated page 3 ofthe U.S. Army patches with some recent additions.
May  3:   Added 2 autographed photos from Valerie
Bertinelli and a pre-printed autograph from Anne Hathaway
April 29: Added autographs from Bob Forsch(Pro Athletes), Amanda Beard(Olympic Athletes), Lucy Woodward(Music, Radio & Comedy) Robin Williams, the cast of American Pickers, the cast of NCIS, Erica Eleniak, and Tiffany Thiessen(TV & Movies)
April 19: Updated page 2 of the US Army patches and added a third page of US Army patches
to the military patch page.
April 13: BIG UPDATE TODAY Updated the second page of U.S. Army patches with some recent additions, added Duff from Ace of Cakes to the Other Entertainers Section, added former Texas Ranger Pete Incaviglia and U of L Football coach Charlie Strong to the Pro Athletes page and finally added 3 photos from UFC Heavyweight Roy "Big Country" Nelson to the to the UFC/MMA Page.
March 28: Added a second page of U.S. Army patches to the military patch page.
March 24: Added Cameron Diaz photos signed 2/2 and added one of her own(TTM request)
March 17: Added the patch collection pages to the website.
March 15:
Continued to add links to photos  as stars listed on each page.
March 14: Website started and is a work in progress.
March 14: UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson "The Spider" Silva signed 2/2 photos(TTM request)
March 11: UFC Heavyweight Contender Junior "Cigano" Dos Santos signed a UFC promo card (TTM request)